Up We Get is a wellbeing community located in the heart of Cambridge.

We provide you with the necessary motivation to regenerate and to revitalize yourself.

Our mission is to help you to feel alive and happy.

Up We Get offers fun and accessible mindfulness meditation and exercise classes for virgins, rookies and pros to keep a balance between your body and mind.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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Oui, oui, bring me seven-course dinners

By Nina Gustafson My younger sister and I have a thing for French and British classic details, clothes being one of them. Think escape from the ordinary and old fashioned. We tend to buy these types of gifts to each other. If not sooner, it definitely started with my sister buying the book “The Audrey […]

The 3 levels of the News Diet

By Robert Gehrlach Recently I went on a diet. It was my first ever diet, and an unusual one on top of that. It was not food that I cut out of my diet, it was the Daily News. And ever since I have been on this diet, my productivity, well-being and creativity have improved […]

A Photograph Per Day: Practicing Mindfulness through Art

By Niki Sol Two years ago, a friend of mine started a photography project where he took one picture each day for the entirety of 2015. For him, the project gave him an opportunity to experiment with his photography and try new techniques. He posted each new picture to Instagram and I found myself looking […]



I’ve done the first week of couch to 5K seven or eight times, but Christina has coached me through the whole programme in 6 weeks and I have finally succeeded. I jogged 5K for the first time in my life at the end of the course and felt an amazing sense of achievement. This was entirely due to Christina’s unfailing optimism and encouragement and belief in my ability to go the distance. UpWeGet was an overwhelmingly positive experience and I would recommend it to all other middle-age couch potatoes!

Naomi (From 0 to 5k Running Course)

I am 48, a bit overweight and not particularly fit. I wanted to do something that would make me feel good as well as allow me to meet people like me. I also wanted to do something challenging that I had not tried before. All my life I believed that I could not run although I am not a particularly inactive person. The program was really progressive and I enjoyed the group  straight away. The only difficult time was the third session: we ran 5 times 2 minutes with walking 2 min in between. My legs muscles screamed at me all evening and the day after “what have you done to us!”. Then nothing, just fun, progress and feeling much better for it. The program under Christina’s coaching increased the running and decreased the walking over 2 group’s sessions per week over 6 weeks plus a personal run every weekend. Now I can run for 30 minutes on my own and I have registered to take part in the 5 K Race For Life in Cambridge. I would not have dared to think about doing this 2 months back. The course was throughout enjoyable including running under pouring rain. And I highly  recommend it to anyone needing to  feel  better and fitter  but wanting  to  do  it  very progressively and in a social and friendly environment with the guidance of an excellent coach.

Maryline (From 0 to 5k Running Course)

Christina makes running fun and inclusive for everyone. She took the fear out of running for me and even made it fun. I am a total convert!! Everyone needs a Christina in their life!!

Amanda (From 0 to 5k Running Course)