1 to 1 Mindfulness and Meditation – Online/Offline

Mindfulness and Meditation for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

Learn how to…

  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Effectiveness
  • Cultivate Resilience

In this one-on-one online course, the participant will be taught  mindfulness and meditation practices to reduce stress, improve concentration and performance as well as mental and physical wellbeing. This course will enhance the participant’s personal and professional life. The course is taught either in person or via Skype and costs £300 including teaching material.

For more information or to book this course please email info@upweget.com.


Course Content:

This course is taught in person or via Skype and runs over six weeks; one meeting per week (60 minutes). Each meeting will be opened by a short lesson with questions and answers followed by mindfulness and meditation practices. No prerequisites as the guidance will be given.

The programme is accredited by Zenways (www.zenways.org) and is evaluated by University of Oxford.

Benefits of mindfulness and meditation practice:

  • Increased psychological well-being and life satisfaction
  • Enhanced concentration and cognition
  • Improved effectiveness at work

Dates and Times: 

Classes last 60 minutes and are arranged in advance with the teacher.

Course Teacher:

Dr Christina Fuhr is a Sociologist at Cambridge University, whose expert knowledge about the drivers of human behavior allows participants to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the environment they live, which will aid their professional and personal growth. Christina has been practicing meditation for several years.  She is a Registered Meditation Teacher with a particular interest in bringing mindfulness into professional and personal everyday life.


£300 including course materials (e.g. guided meditation CD).

Sign up:

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