What makes me happy? – Part 2

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Every Thursday I wake up in anticipation. It’s the day that a column called ‘That which enriches my Life’- ‘Was mein Leben reicher macht’ is published in the German newspaper Die Zeit. People like you and me let us know about a special moment that makes them happy. Let me tell you about some of the moments that readers have shared recently. I hope they will make you smile, too.

That which enriches my life

Dancing barefoot (and the blister plaster the day after). (Verena)

The gardener who maws around one single margarita flower on the public lawn. (Oliver)

To be called ‘Papa’. (Thiemo)

Math tutoring, seventh grade: The first task with the unknown x was successfully solved. Afterwards, a startled pupil asked: Is x now forever three? (Nils)

My daughter and I have dogs. The two dogs are often jealous and want to defend their territory. Again there is loud growling. Being hearing impaired, I ask my daughter: “Is that your dog or mine?”  Neither of them, my daughter replies, “it is the coffee machine!” (Karin)

I have stopped locking my bicycle a few years ago. It saves time, and the confidence in my fellow men is growing – because the bicycle is still there! (Wolf)

There is a big construction site at one of the crossroads. I am chaining my bicycle to one of the barriers. A four-year old boy lets go of his father’s hand, plants himself in front of me, stamps his foot on the floor, and says: “That’s a construction site.” (Angelika)

An elderly couple on the next restaurant table wants to pay their bill. The waitress asks friendly: Separate or together? The elderly men answers equally friendly: “Forever together, until the end!” (Friedrich)

(Adapted from a column called ‘Was mein Leben reicher macht’ in ‘Die Zeit’)

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