What makes me happy?

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Every Thursday I wake up in anticipation. It’s the day that a column called ‘That which enriches my Life’- ‘Was mein Leben reicher macht’ is published in the German newspaper Die Zeit. People like you and me let us know about a special  moment that makes them happy. Let me tell you about some of the moments that readers have shared recently. I hope they will make you smile, too.

That which enriches my life

Waking up each morning to see the tousled mane of my girlfriend. Very sexy! (Joachim)

In the morning after the US elections, I talked with my six year old son about the results. After that, he stormed over to his mother and yelled: “Mama, Mama, Donald Duck is president!” I continued with my breakfast thinking why can’t it be like that? (Christian)

A little while ago, a man asked me for a coffee to go in our coffee shop. I told him that we do not use paper cups for environmental reasons, and offered him a porcelain cup with the request to bring it back. The weeks passed and I promised myself to never, ever….until yesterday when this young man appeared again in our coffee shop and pulled the cup out of his coat. (Bernd)

Our dog hunts with great pleasure the fallen colorful leaves. At yesterday’s evening walk, he found a shimmering blue leave: a 20 Euro note. The discovery was rewarded with three cookies. (Claudia)

The smell of quinces, sweet blue figs, and above us the cranes are passing by. (Peter)

I was expecting a storm and instead experienced a sunny autumn week on the island ‘Hallig Hooge’. (Peter)

The driver, who was driving really slowly through the huge puddle when she came around the corner in order to avoid splashing me – ‘the pedestrian’; and there was also time for a smile. (Lars)

The last fruit fly this year went home in peace. (Angela)

(Adapted from a column called ‘Was mein Leben reicher macht’ in ‘Die Zeit’)

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